September 2016vol_31_no1_cover

Volume 31 No.1


EDITORIAL Derek Guthrie on museum practice then and now.


Stan Klein on his personal journey in the art world.


Daniel Nanavati, UK Editor, explains the loss to DePaul on closing down their unrealised partnership with the NAE.


Tom Mullaney, US Editor, reprints an article on museums and museum reform in light of recent scandals to hit leading institutions in America.

WHEELERS, DEALERS AND SUPERCOLLECTORS, Where are they taking the art market?

A prescient article from NAE co-founder Jane Addams Allen warning of the growing power of money to dictate art back in 1986.


KATE HADLEY TOFTNESS on Mika Horibuchi and Brittany Nelson at PATRON
DIANE THODOS on Invisible Man: Gordon Parks and Ralph Ellison in Harlem, at the Art Institute of Chicago

EVAN CARTER on “Witness” and “The Making of a Fugitive” at the Museum of
Contemporary Art

DEREK GUTHRIE on “Slow Painting” at the Richard Gray Gallery#

MICHEL SÉGARD on the sculpture Dynamic Energy by Douglas Gruizenga

NEWSBRIEFS and more….


  • We at the New Art Examiner owe a great deal of thanks to Tom Zurfluh for his generous support of several initiatives
    in the past few months, such as establishment of a bank account in Chicago to handle subscriptions and donations. His encouragement has been invaluable.

  • Today, the Sunday Chicago Tribune wrote about architect Jeanne Gang and her plan for a new kind of police station on the West Side. It gave me great satisfaction to know that readers of the New Art Examiner got the word about her project two weeks ago in the magazine’s new November issue. Hope you check out the story about
    Chicago’s Architecture Biennial, on now through January 3, 2016.

  • The Guardian has written that we may be seeing a downturn in the art markets. None too soon, I say.
    The billionaires in Latin America and Russia are feeling the effects of declining economies in those countries.
    And even some Middle East sheiks are seeing their petrol profits take a tank. NAE will enjoy reporting on these
    developments in 2016.

  • I came across this quote by our publisher, Derek Guthrie, that he made in 1988: “I believe that criticism–open discussion–is
    an essential ingredient in the flowering of a cultural community.” Wish words then and still. The revived New Art Examiner is
    dedicated to furthering that goal in this age of debased discussion and false values.

  • Hello Daniel and Derek
    Many thanks for travelling to Plymouth College of Art last week to discuss the New Art Examiner magazine and the opportunity that we may be able to participate in. I am a third year student and have been very busy with my final piece and the module deadline but that is completed now and I have time to devote to other things such as this. I’m looking forward to attending the next meeting on the 7th and seeing you both then.

    Best wishes

  • Michael Ramstedt

    I met Derek Guthrie last night for the first time. Heard the story of the New Art Examiner. Kind of blew my mind. What a jewel. It needs polishing. It is very fertile and so much can and needs to be done here. Dial me in.

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