The Essential New Art Examiner.

A history of the thirty years of critical discourse established and promoted by Jane Addmas Allen and Derek Guthrie. authored by Terri Griffith, Kathryn Born and Janet Koplos.

Welcome to The New Art Examiner

Without fear or favor the New Art Examiner established itself as the most important and long lasting magazine of art criticism in Chicago's history.

It now intends to broaden that base to run articles from a UK Editor as well as its US Editor.

Publishing three editions in 2015 the New Art Exaimner will:

  • Publish any point of view that is written so as to make that point of view interesting.
  • Publish all letters to the editor redacted for any legal reasons.

The editors of the New Art Exaimner are keenly aware that they inherit an imemnse tradition of freedom and unecumbedred art criticism. They accept that a healthy society is one that constantly questions its culture and its artists.

We do not curry favor, we do exclude, we seek endlessly to broaden our own understanding and by so doing be part of the essential education that is the discourse between people.

We welcome ideas for inclusion in the New Art Examiner

Founders and Editors

Grand niece of Jane Addams, founder of Hull House, Chicago, and co-foudner of The New Art Examiner.


Artist and editor, co-founder of the New Art Examiner, the most succesful magazine of art criticism in Chicago's history.

Tom Mulanney

U.S. Editor, The New Art Examiner. Arts journalist and Blog Editor at

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