web..front.cover.November 2015

Volume 30 No.2

EDITORIAL By UK Editor Daniel Nanavati


Tom Mullaney, the Chicago Editor, visits the first Architecture Biennial to be held in Chicago and finds it more fanciful than real.


George Care wanders around Berlin to see what the new fashion will be in this coming year.


Annie Markovich, Managing Editor, attends a question and answer session with members of the Hairy Who?.


Tony Carver, editor and publisher of the St Ives Times & Echo, talks about the St Ives group the place of St Ives as the only non-metropolitan town ever to give birth to a 20th century art movement.

SPEAKEASY: An expose on the management techniques of Falmouth Art College in closing down their Contemporary Crafts faculty.

Book Reviews Zombie Politics and culture in the Age of Casino Capitalism by Professor Henry Giroux, an illuminating description of modern US society.

Creativity and Art: Three Roads to Surprise by Dr Margaret Boden. A description of why artificial intelligence will never be creative as humans are creative.




  • We at the New Art Examiner owe a great deal of thanks to Tom Zurfluh for his generous support of several initiatives
    in the past few months, such as establishment of a bank account in Chicago to handle subscriptions and donations. His encouragement has been invaluable.

  • Today, the Sunday Chicago Tribune wrote about architect Jeanne Gang and her plan for a new kind of police station on the West Side. It gave me great satisfaction to know that readers of the New Art Examiner got the word about her project two weeks ago in the magazine’s new November issue. Hope you check out the story about
    Chicago’s Architecture Biennial, on now through January 3, 2016.

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