cover.06.01 Interim Issue

Available June 2015

EDITORIAL By co-founder Derek Guthrie

EDITORIAL By by UK Editor Daniel Nanavati

EDITORIAL By by US Editor Tom Mullaney

The State of the Art

John Steppling writes with insight about the ‘art world’ today

Splitting the Public and Private uses of Art

Dr Nizan Shaked invites us to understand how art has become a liquid asset, warning this adversely affects our cultural integrity but offers a remedy.

Notes From the Last Colony

Bill Roseberry discusses the compromises the art scene forces upon artists and how the aesthetic is broken by the existing system.


IMPORTANT: Dear Reader, The New Art Examiner is the product of the thinking and lifelong contribution of Jane Addams Allen and we thank you in her name for reading her independent journal of art criticism. This is the first edition planting roots in the UK, based in Cornwall. If you have interest please consult Google, also Art Cornwall for interview with the publisher Derek Guthrie, who is a painter and keeps his Art Practice private. The New Art Examiner has a long history of producing quality and independent art criticism. Cornwall, as any art scene, needs writers to professionalize otherwise insider trading will determine success in this troubled art world. Simply please subscribe so as we can encourage and find writers to share their visual experience with you. You can directly participate, also, as all letters to the Editor are published. All editions include the digital issue sent via email.

The two interim editions are published June 1st and August 1st 2015. Subscription to both Interim edition by cheque, Please see page 6 for addresses: Print and digital

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Tom Mullaney

We at the New Art Examiner owe a great deal of thanks to Tom Zurfluh for his generous support of several initiatives
in the past few months, such as establishment of a bank account in Chicago to handle subscriptions and donations. His encouragement has been invaluable.