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Rhona Hoffman 40 years Part 2: Gender, Race, Identity

How to represent forty years of a gallery and the artists it has represented and shown? Rhona Hoffman Gallery is celebrating its forty years through three exhibitions of artists the gallery has shown over the years. Rhona Hoffman 40 years Part 2: Gender. Race. Identity showcases fifty pieces from eighteen artists, each with one to four pieces. At first Part 2 of this forty-year celebration was underwhelming: Is not all art …

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Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis

Chicago Cultural Center (September 17, 2016–January 8, 2017) As I ascended the majestic staircase of the Cultural Center, I wasn’t prepared for what I was to find. I am familiar with Norman Lewis’ contemporaries, such as Willem de Kooning and Jackson Pollock. But Lewis’ abstract expressionism was unknown to me. At the start of the exhibition, we see a painting, “The Woman in the Yellow Hat,” that …

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Parade Excerpts at Corbett vs. Dempsey

Review of Cauleen Smith (October 21–December 3, 2016)   “CONDUCT YOUR BLOOMING.” Large fabric letters in a quilter’s assortment of blues and pinks are stitched by hand onto a black, sequined banner. At twelve and a half feet long and bisecting a corner of the room, Cauleen Smith’s banner takes over the “East Wing” of Corbett vs. Dempsey. The tight space also functions as a …

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Young Dutch Fashion Designer Conquers the GRAM

Many times when looking for the latest innovation we seek scientists, engineers and technology. But what if I told you that there is a fashion designer who is combining art with technological innovation, collaborating with other artists, scientists, and architects, and is one of the premier design houses in the world? Iris van Herpen, the young, 33 year-old Dutch woman is proving there are no limitations to …

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The Avant-Garde and the Delusion of American Exceptionalism

Three Essays on the Limits of Postmodernism after November 2016 Volume 31 no.3 : The Illusion of Progress Why the election results should not have been surprising Future Issues: Volume 31 no.4: Blood-drenched Brushes and Golden Easels: An analysis of what Derek Guthrie calls the “Americanization of the avant-garde” Volume 31 no.5: The Will to Ignorance: The role of academia in …

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Painters’ Painters

Artists of Today who Inspire Artists of Tomorrow Saatchi Gallery, London, UK (November 30, 2016–February 28th 2017) Works by Richard Aldrich, David Brian Smith, Dexter Dalwood, Raffi Kalenderian, Ansel Krut, Martin Maloney, Bjarne Melgaard, Ryan Mosley and David Salle I anticipated this exhibition with mixed feelings. I wonder are these artists all they’re cracked up to be, or products of a genius …

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When God Was a Woman

Musings on the Art of Monica Sjöö (1938–2005) The works of Monica Sjöö, Swedish born artist a radical feminist, explore themes of feminine power and socio-ecological responsibility. Highly influential in the Goddess Movement, some of her early works, which sit on the distaff side of politics and religious faith, were banned. “God Giving Birth” (1968) of God as a woman …

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Romantic Realities

Speculative Realism and British Romanticism by Evan Gottlieb Edinburgh University Press 2016   Speculative Realism was born in 2007 at a conference in Goldsmith College, the same college that gave us the YBA. Gottleib wishes to ally to a grouping of speculative realist philosophers the names of the Romantic poets as a counter-balance to Kant and his followers. Despite his assertion …

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Remembering David Bowie at St Germans

Yesterday, on the train from Penzance to Paddington, as I passed the tiny station of St Germans, I looked back, and high over the the estuary bathed in the searing dawn light, was a perfect rainbow stretching over the rolling green lawns of Port Eliot, ancestral home of the Earls of St Germans. Port Eliot itself is not visible from …

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