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Letters Volume 31 no 5 May / June 2017

Dear Editor, A New Statesman article last year reported that ‘The Creative Industries Federation, a membership organisation that represents the views of the UK creative industries, states that 96 per cent of its member’s support remaining in the EU…’ A major reason for this was Creative Europe, a €1.46 billion fund set up by the EU for the cultural and …

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Letters Volume 30 no 6 August / September 2016

Dear Tom, All of us at the Block are very appreciative of the coverage you facilitated for our exhibition on Charlotte Moorman in your March / April Issue. Rachael Schwabe’s insightful article captured the ambitious scope of the show, and the compelling questions we wished to raise. We were thrilled to hear of your work to give new life to …

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Letters Volume 30 no 2 October / November 2015

Dear Editor, Although I found the content of NAE of June 1st serious and weighty, it was mainly depressing in terms of the present state of our culture; based as it was on yesterday’s well worn philosophies and art practices, most of which are already much written about and known. It focused on presenting us with a rear view mirror …

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Before Pictures

Douglas Crimp is an important figure in the development of postmodern art theory. He influenced a group of such 1970s artists as Robert Longo, Philip Smith and Cindy Sherman, whom he dubbed the “Pictures Generation.” Crimp made his mark curating a small show in 1977, titled “Pictures” at New York’s Artists Space gallery that has gained iconic status as a …

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The Arts Club of Chicago at 100: Arts and Culture 1916-2016

“The Arts Club of Chicago at 100: Arts and Culture 1916-2016” is not a particularly inviting title but the book itself is. Part institutional biography, part historical reflection, the book offers a thorough—if not particularly critical—history of an esteemed cultural body, its reinventions through the years, and its lasting legacy in Chicago’s art world. The book, edited by Jenine Mileaf, …

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“Yves Klein at the Tate Liverpool”

Upon entering the exhibition space one is immediately struck by the uniqueness of what is being shown. The fabled trademarked IKB (International Klein Blue) is present in abundance. I am told by the attendant that, of the Monochromes 1955 -1961 – rectangular tablets of varying size, support thickness and surface texture, in clear Perspex box frames, Monochrome Green, Untitled [ …

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“Unreal Realms”

Five Outsider Artists at Intuit Gallery Since his work was revealed to the public in the early seventies and rose to worldly acclaim shortly thereafter, Henry Darger has become the rule by which outsider art is measured. “Unreal Realms,” on view at Intuit Gallery, presents a selection of works by five artists, including Darger, and proposes that they are all …

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“Kemang Wa Lehulere: In All My Wildest Dreams”

Clearly the large paned glass windows that rise up from the floor of the Art Institute’s Modern Wing make the front of galleries 182-184 feel like a retail space. Artists who have exhibited here in the past have highlighted this affect, Lucy McKenzie being a prime example. In the current exhibition, South African artist Kemang Wa Lehulere (born Capetown, 1984) …

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Has The Arts Council Betrayed Its Origins?

As Nicholas Serota assumes control of the Arts Council as well as the Tate, we examine the history of this body and test its current policies against its founding principles Serota takes over at the Arts Council this month, 47 years after being employed as a regional arts officer, in what was his first job after university. In those years …

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