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Volume 31 no 6 July / August 2017

Death of Damien Hirst in Venice – by Daniel Nanavati A New and Better Curriculum for Art Students – by Jorge Miguel Benitez Understanding Modernism, Part 1 –  by Charles Thomson A Very Modern Manifesto Goya 1792 – by Susanna Gómez Lain, Madrid editor Thoughts on a Personal Manifesto – by Tom Nakashima An Incomplete Project, art and politics – by …

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The Birth of Purity

Here is an artist dealing with the free-for-all that is the postmodern enterprise and digging deep to reconcile some of its thoughts with those of (almost) art’s archaeological history. The themes of womanhood, birth and creative nature run through her work like a river, an analogy she would probably relish. The Terracotta style colours redolent of Lascaux cave paintings, the …

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After 40 years Sowing Seeds in Academia

– a special art exhibition at RCVA, WMU, Kalamazoo, Michigan   Richmond Center of Visual Arts (RCVA) is a designated space for academia, community artists and international artists to exhibit. A beautiful 5,000 sq feet exhibition space founded in 2007 on the campus of Western Michigan University within the city of Kalamazoo, Michigan. I was invited by RCVA to review …

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The Lost Wonders of an Archive

The artist Jason Lilley talks about his work on the Penwith Gallery Archive From an early age I have developed a keen fascination with the art and artists of Cornwall, especially those of St.Ives. In 2013 I was made a member of the Penwith Society of Arts who own, and exhibit at, the Penwith Gallery. It was later in that …

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The Relevance of Critical Theory to Art Today

The scholar of Benjamin’s and Adorno’s work, Susan Buck-Morss provided a pithy formulation for defining the tasks of both art and criticism in the modern era: “[Artists’] work is to sustain the critical moment of aesthetic experience; our job as critics is to recognize this.” Two aspects of Buck-Morss’s formulation of the work of artists need to be emphasized—“sustaining the …

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The Will to Ignorance: The Role of Academia in the Postmodern Debacle

The Avant-Garde and the Delusion of American Exceptionalism The Third Essay on the Limits of Postmodernism after November 2016   In the late nineteenth century, Friedrich Nietzsche asked and answered a question that still haunts the developed world: “‘What is the task of higher education?’ — To turn a man into a machine.” (Twilight of the Idols, trans. R.J. Hollingdale. Decades after …

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Each issue the New Art Examiner will invite a well-known, or not-so-well-known, art world personality to write a speakeasy essay on a topic of interest – whatever it may be.   1. Several of the women in my family seem to have a sour tooth. I learned this when my aunt confided in me some years ago that she preferred …

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Letters Volume 31 no 5 May / June 2017

Dear Editor, A New Statesman article last year reported that ‘The Creative Industries Federation, a membership organisation that represents the views of the UK creative industries, states that 96 per cent of its member’s support remaining in the EU…’ A major reason for this was Creative Europe, a €1.46 billion fund set up by the EU for the cultural and …

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