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The Japanese House

The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945, 23 March 2017 – 25 June 2017 Barbican Centre, London. In contrast to the sad home of Philip Larkin’s poem, which “stays as it is left, shaped to the comfort of the last to go”, the Japanese house, as perfectly demonstrated by this exhibition, is an ever–changing and ever–challenging construct that defies …

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A YEAR AT CAPE CORNWALL: Neil Pinkett’s Show at Cornwall Contemporary Gallery, Penzance, Cornwall, UK May 2017. It is the privilege of the artist to create a world that no-one has ever seen before. If the work is weak we are not convinced, it is arbitrary, trivial. If the artist is good, however, there is that amazed or delighted shock of …

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Death Expected

To decipher Paula Ballo Dailey one must immediately understand she was terminally ill. From her diagnosis of cancer until her death in 2016, a mere two months passed. She had started on some of her work and consequently finished it within that time frame with great help from caretaker and artist husband, Brian. Paula had accumulated a great deal of …

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Throughout the history of painting mimicry has been an ever present strategy, from sourcing the natural world to the mechanical properties of photography. Now trending is computer as muse: either as a tool for the process of painting, ink jet output as the painting, or a combination of both. For Michael Williams’ first solo museum exhibition in the United States …

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An Incomplete Project? Art and Politics in the new Millennium

What was postmodernism? – Habermas’s critique Postmodernism challenged the institutionalized modernism of the mid-20th century, offering more radical forms of social discontents and cultural practice. It meant unmasking the values of progress as involving ideologies of the political status-quo, the problems of which were manifest to a new generation in the 1960s. But, more recently, postmodernism itself has begun to …

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Thoughts on a Personal Manifesto

Transcendence, transcendent, and transcendental are words that refer to an object (or a property of an object) as being comparatively beyond that of other objects. Such objects (or properties) transcend other objects (or properties) in some way. transcendent |tranˈsendɘnt| Adj. beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience : the search for a transcendent level of …

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