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Hannah Perry Saucier: The Chip. Matthew Rachman Gallery

Hannah Perry Saucier’s recent show at the Matthew Rachman Gallery “The Chip” is an interesting one. She is showing two different series of paintings one series called “Mindscape” is fairly interesting bold colors and kind of hip Mid-Century vibe, like a blue record cover meets Stuart Davis thing, I really enjoyed them. I loved the use of color and general …

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Amy Casey: Zg Gallery

I recently headed down to the River North Gallery district to checkout the Gregory Jacobsen show “Balm of Body, Spice of Flesh” which is a pretty cool show well done and interesting; however when I looked into what was hanging in the office gallery my heart stopped for a second. It was work by Cleveland based artist Amy Casey, from …

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Keeping an Eye Open – Book Review

“How far does an artist’s individuality develop as a result of pursuing and refining the strengths of his or her talent, and how much from avoiding the weaknesses?” Julian Barnes has written many articles about artists he admires or from whom he has received deep visual experiences. In this volume these previously published essays are brought together in historical sequence …

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Rosemary Feit Covey

Rosemary Feit Covey’s graphic, linear,prints on show at the Morton Fine Art are a confrontation with her demons and anxieties, very finely tuned, One cut begets the next in a hopeful trance. As she is working, she challenges herself to go on trusting the dervish, knowing full well her cutting tool may slip and her work be ruined. Her images …

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I happened to be, for the second time in my life, in beautiful Cornwall and happened to visit the current exhibition at Penwith Gallery in St. Ives. I could have turned away and not written this but I have a need to share my opinion with others. “Art must discard nothing or no one, like Misericord” is a beautiful concordia …

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Answering the Wrong Questions

“What Is This Place?” At the Newlyn Art Gallery – 22 April – 15th July An exhibition of paintings by eight artists Whenever I walk into the Newlyn Gallery I am reminded of my first, and the gallery’s first, performance art piece, entitled Doubtless in 1994 put together by myself, Alaric Sumner, Rory McDermott, David Kemp, Rod Walker, Sandra Blow and …

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Derain, Balthus, Giacometti; An artistic friendship

Le Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville in Paris 2 June to 29 October 2017 This exhibition comprises some 350 works (including sculptures, prints, letters and photographs)which evolved from the friendship between these three artists. This friendship is demonstrated in their joint fascination for classical Italian masters, formal clarity, portraiture and experimentation with both still life and open air painting. …

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The Last Bohemia

Terry Frost at the Belgrave, St Ives This exhibition of Terry Frost: A Book of Ideas with 32 works on paper from his scrapbook has an importance Terry Frost is a major painter from the post-war era when the St Ives school established itself as a major force in contemporary art. St Ives was the last Bohemia in which Artists …

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Today’s Robots are Tomorrow’s Artists

In an attempt to bridge the gap, breakdown barriers and perhaps change culturally ingrained perceptions created by literature and the film industry about how humans and robots interact, artists Mathias Gommel, Marinta Haitz, and Jan Zapper of robotlab, have set up a sophisticated play date between humans and robots, in order to ease the transition into this inevitable partnering. Their …

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