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The Milan Writers’ Meeting will be held by Liviana Martin on January 22. The Penzance Writers’ Meeting will be held at the Redwing Gallery on January 11 from 2-4 pm. Welcome to Alexander Stanfield, who has just joined our team as West Coast Editor in the US. Many thanks to Josephine Gardiner for her expertise in proofreading the next issue …

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The Seductive Economy: Sex, Mettle and Labor in the Art of Donna Nadeau 

Occasionally, a life lived under immensely stressful, even brutal circumstances forms the crucible for an artist to respond in ways that realize art’s fullest potential as a reflection on human endeavor. A volatile balance of experiences on the societal periphery—beyond the majority’s empiric knowledge—can result in work of such honesty and connectivity that it transcends the specifics of its production, …

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Is It Time to End the Whitney Biennial?

With the recent announcement of the Whitney Biennial’s 2021 curators, the next iteration has juddered into production; but should it? From its inception the Biennial’s organizers have made grandiose claims that they had no way—or no intention—of achieving. Nevertheless, it is regarded as the preeminent survey of art-making in the United States. For artists it remains the most sought after …

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Living with Hopper

Edward Hopper has been one of my favourite artists since I started taking an interest in art. Along the wall leading to the cafeteria at school, we had a frieze of Seurat’s pointillist painting, ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. Queuing for lunch I lazily examined it and, knowing nothing of pointillism, even the term, I …

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Two Exhibits Tied to Tradition

Chicago Tribune: Sunday 3rd December 1972 Jane Addams Allen & Derek Guthrie were the art correspondents for the Chicago Tribune for nearly two years. It was only when one of their articles was pulled from the galleys that Jane suggested they publish themselves and start the New Art Examiner in 1974. Their thirst for freedom of speech is our inheritance. …

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A slight look into Edward Hopper

I think we now have a certain advantage of “time” in respect to our viewing of Edward Hopper’s work. It is how he came into his “own” that I wish to discuss. I am taken by the life of Hopper’s “own”, a “resplendent” throughout his life’s work. Hopper is usually discussed for his take on the lonesome American city or …

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