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Derek Guthrie, Publisher and co-founder

Annie Markovich, Assistant Publisher

Penderry Weekes, Managing Editor UK

Stephen Luecking, Chicago Editor

Al Jirikowic, Washington Editor

Miklos Legrady, Toronto Editor

Daniel Nanavati, European Editor

Contributing Editors

John Link, Michigan
Donald Kuspit, New York
Darren Jones, New York
John Steppling, Norway
George Care, UK
Frank Corrigan, Oxfordshire


John Dunbar Kilburn
Jonathon Xavier Coudrille
Steve Harmann
UK Distributor: Central Books

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Do you cover art exhibitions in the American Northwest?

Don Matteson

I just looked through your website. And read numerous articles. Has the writing, editing and copy editing always been this terrible? This isnt even high school level quality . . .

Mabel Skinner

As an English teacher Don, may I make note of your error of “isnt”? It should be: isn’t.

Best regards,
Mabel Skinner

Agard Nilsson

I, too, would like to purchase the printed copy of the Jan/Feb 2018 issue. How can I do this? I am in Sweden. Thank you very much.


I would like to purchase the Jan/Feb 2018 issue. Would you tell me how to do this, please?
Thank you

Gustavo Lopez

I wanted to inquire on the ad spaces and digital banners on the website. thank you

Stephen Markovich

Thank you Derek Guthrie for your editorial reminding us ever of yankee myopism in the Chicago artworld. Wasn’t it the “British music invasion” we rightly needed to point the artistic value of U.S. rhythm and blues. US and GB has a long history of validating the points as well as errs in our respective societies. I want to see more of it.

Stephen Markovich

Chas Hall

Is there a published index, either online or in print, that covers all the back issues? I want to be able to search for articles on specific artists and topics, or by author’s name. Thanks for letting me know.

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