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Fashionably Recycled

Bicycle recycling in China. view from the sky

This is a photograph of a bike sharing graveyard in China taken from a drone, which has assumed its own beauty. This leads to the consideration in an indirect way of the fashion attire represented in racing cyclists. Maria Teresa Castelli of Studio Taste in Italy has become a leading designer for racing cyclists, which is attracting attention.

Ever since the Italian engineer Giovanni Fontana invented the basis for the first bicycle in 1418 with his four-wheeler vehicle, the world of cycling has evolved. Cycling itself is a performance, and fashion for road race cycling becomes spectacle. With Castelli the cyclists’ bodies are her canvases for which she designs clothing; features of architecture, science, technology and fashion are included. She discreetly covers her human paintings, drawing lines and colors which consider the flow of air, water resistance and comfort.
Recognizing that cyclists are crazy extroverts, who wish for visibility for sartorial garb as well as achievement in the race, they participate in one of the most grueling sports in the world. They are good clients, as their narcissistic projections make them unique, avant garde cyclists with no holds barred.

Italy may be the premier nation in road racing with super stars (Coppi, Bartali, Mercs, Pantani) who have become instant heroes. The achievement is the pedaling spectacle of road racing and fashion. Hopefully, the bike sharing movement will latch on with even more momentum. They will look to these pedaling exhibitions of fashion in movement as the mentor of cycling and want to join in the performance, the spectacle of the body in motion.

Pendery Weekes, Fashion Editor

Volume 32 no 3 Jan/Feb 2018 p 28

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Tim Yang

It looks like the bike sharing epidemic of cadavers is sadly spreading:


How this relates to art, I do not know.

Park Jin

Ashley Song from The Korea Bizwire writes about bike sharing in Seoul with it having “enjoyed growing popularity, reaching 1,290 rental stations and 20,000 bikes last year.” In his article he also mentions “the Choson Sinbo, a North Korean newspaper, where “a bike sharing service is currently being trialed in the North Korean capital, with a total of five rental stations in operation on Kwangbok Street.

Could Pyeongyang possibly be the strategic choice for an exhibition of the decaying mountain of bicycles and Maria Castelli’s cycle fashion?

Kim Yong

What a crazy idea, but I love it!