Arts Journalism in a Digital Age

Conference Tackles Criticism and Connectivity,Fails to Address Ethics and Collusion       Widespread euphoria in the arts has prevailed in the last decade over the new possibilities offered by digital media. Writers no longer need be confined by the space limitations of, or access to, print media. The abundance of thoughts and images now available online exponentially expands the …

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Full Circle

        A short explanation of current thinking. Many of you are not aware of the long history of the New Art Examiner. The Art World is very complex and diffi cult. It is also a billion dollar industry that gets its raw material from artists who permanently supply Art, whether good or bad, in the hope that one day they may earn …

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      8th April 2016, 7.30 pm Penwith Gallery St Ives ‘Should the Future of the Penwith be its Past?’ Questions from the audience from 8pm. Speakers: Peter Davies, Penwith. Michael Gaca, Belgrave Gallery St Ives. Daniel H Nanavati, UK Editor New Art Examiner. Derek Guthrie, Publisher, New Art Examiner.   Admission free. Refreshments from the cafe. Sponsored by …

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