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The New Art Examiner is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to examine the definition and transmission of culture in our society; the decision-making processes within museums and schools and the agencies of patronage which determine the manner in which culture shall be transmitted; the value systems which presently influence the making of art as well as its study in exhibitions and books; and, in particular, the interaction of these factors with the visual art milieu.


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Nickolas Stempertine

How do you think the transmission of culture in our society has changed since the Statement of Purpose of the New Art Examiner was written in 1973? I would be curious to hear your views on this.

Miklos Legrady

Rob Storr said that in the 1960’s art moved from the Cedar tavern to the seminar room. It looks like academic studies led to a hypertrophy of the intellect. Bankers created the 2008 global crash; if they can be so wrong, the art world can also go off the rails and follow terrible ideas. I think that is what happened since 1973. When art is anything you can get away with then it’s not art; without limitations we dissolve in the boundless. The NAE remains a voice without fear or favor, I think we stir the waters, we make waves.

Annie Markovich, Acting Chicago Editor

The New Art Examiner was founded on the principles of Jane Addams, founder of Hull House in Chicago, who believed that both rich and poor can sit at the same dinner table and share ideas and wisdom. Addams believed both benefit from company. The NAE welcomes letters to the editor, ideas for articles and encourages artists to take on the responsibility of writing about their art. This statement of purpose goes back a long time to the 70’s, when there was a plethora of art magazines flooding the market. The National Endowment for the Arts and State Arts Councils were… Read more »

bill roseberry

Mythical celebrities like Jesus in the 21st century are for people who cannot grasp the basics of science… or art. Aren’t there enough real-life issues to debate?

Bill, you comment bears no relation to NAE’s statement of purpose. I read somewhere that no one has a right to their opinion unless that opinion consists of researched facts, presented in a logical statement that makes sense and which others can discuss. Your poem, unfortunately, did not meet those standards.