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Protected by Alarms

Lesley Hale, who is involved with the project to invest in community housing in the building that is being used for this show, had the very bright idea of suggesting it to Joseph Clarke of Anima Mundi. He has taken the opportunity to show 19 of his stable of artists in this alternative place, a dilapidated building. Lesley has largely …

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Genderless Faces

‘Themself’, new portrait paintings by Sarah Ball, at Anima Mundi, St Ives, 26 July – 6 Sept 2019 Entering the gallery and confronted immediately by the arresting portrait of ‘Izzy’, I was half-prepared for a dazzling exhibition of beautifully-painted portraits, accompanied by intriguing back stories. Sarah Ball’s practice relies on gathering found images from the media and from historical archives, …

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Unusual Forms

Leach Pottery and Anima Mundi in St Ives, 29 June – 11 August 2019 Andile Dyalvane has been in residence at the Leach Pottery in St.Ives,, Cornwall, UK and his work is seen there before he returns to South Africa. He was at the private view, resplendent and expansive, shaking hands with everyone and wearing African looking face paint. His …

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Not There Yet

‘Cinema Between Two Worlds’ is a painting about six feet high, the subject being some people in a cinema, although the film screen looks more like a painting or a shot of a painting in the film. It is painted fluently, the seats look plush, it is a cinema with small tables between seats, and two young men are turning …

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Onya McCausland LANDSCAPES

From outside the show looks minimal. Several yellow ochre and red ochre canvasses with geometric designs, very carefully painted. One or two with organic branched designs. Some overhead plans of sites on the floor. On the back of the price list are grey small print details about mine sites and water treatment although the why and how are not clear. …

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