Looking Out Over the Cornish Riviera

by Pendery Weekes Once again Monsieur Marcel Grenouille from Nantes has done his good deed for the day and has included an unknown artist in the summer Art Festival 2020 at Port Pierre Canto Marina in Cannes. This year the unknown is Freya Stephan with her painting, Looking Out Over the Cornish Riviera. It was picked up by Grenouille while …

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Wheelers, dealers and supercollectors

Where are they taking the art market? Behind the artist in the act of creation stands the collector. His piggish eyes are gleaming, and his right hand firmly clutches the bulging money bag at his belt. Greed, as the 16th century drawing “The Painter and the Connoisseur” by Brueghel makes clear, has always been a part of the world in …

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