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The Hidden Struggle for America’s Soul

Gary Weiss, ‘Ayn Rand Nation’  Gary Weiss was inspired to write his book when he realised, after the crash, after the orgy of deregulation and greed that led to the crash, there was a ‘missing piece to the puzzle.’ ‘The philosophy of greed had a philosopher’ and that philosopher was Ayn Rand. Like many others, Weiss had dismissed Ayn Rand …

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Ayn Rand, A Defence for the Indefensible

Left behind by the previous owners of my parents’ Vermont summer home was a number of books. They weren’t my parents’ kind of reading, nor mine, but one fat book intrigued me (I was thirteen, the age when in pre-Laddt-Chatterly-trial days you looked for the rare sec bits in adult fiction.) I found some and in the end I read …

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