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So Long As We Still Live – The 9th Young Triennale at Orońsko

Katie Zazenski On a gigantic, anthropomorphized sun-like circle, made of peach satin and suspended on the back wall of the exhibition hall, is the declaration Wierzę w Bezinteresowność Sztuki (I believe in the selflessness of art). Shirts and pants arranged in the form of two angel-like figures are surrounded by hand-stitched text bubbles. Strongly reminiscent of the American radical theater …

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Dancing with Myself – The Artists Represent Themselves

Flowers made of salt, very fragile compact masses that emerge from the walls of the warehouses of Punta della Dogana in Venice, centuries-old witnesses of the salt trade that took place here, welcome the visitor to the exhibition of Dancing with Myself. There could be no better identity card to introduce a collective that on the presence/absence of the body …

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