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ŠTO TE NEMA_ (Why Are You Not Here?) – July 11th, Daley Plaza Chicago 2017 Aida Šehović

ŠTO TE NEMA_ (Why Are You Not Here?) – July 11th, Daley Plaza Chicago 2017 Aida Šehović An installation / performance created to commemorate the murders of over 8,902 men, women and children in the Bosnian/Herzgovina War of 1992-1995. How to talk about genocide? How do we heal form genocide? How do we fight against genocide? Sehovicʼs response is a …

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Why I Left Chicago

Paul Germanos: How old are you? Where are you from? When did you come here? Is Chicago one of many stops on your journey? Mark Staff Brandl: I just turned 60! I am an artist of the venticento, was born, mid novecento, in 1955 in Peoria and went to high school in Pekin, Illinois. I visited Chicago a lot as …

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Chicago is still ‘theatrically corrupt’

Dear Reader, A word of explanation is required to accompany our decision to publish the cover. Our Declaration of Independence. The Art world is composed of many bubbles and we all exist inside our own bubble. Including the New Art Examiner which is a journal of critical opinion. After the recent election in the US and the Referendum in the …

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COMING in the next issue Volume 31 no.4 May / June 2017

In the May issue: THE RELEVANCE OF CRITICAL THEORY CHRIS CUTRONE Chris Cutrone (Adjunct Professor of Art History, Theory and Criticism, School of the Art Institute of Chicago . A BRUSH WITH JOHN BERGER, HIROSHIMA AND THE KITCHEN SINK KEN TURNER remembers his personal meetings with John Berger over Hiroshima., the Kitchen Sink Painters and the Partisan Coffee House. THE …

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