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Why Cornwall Sold Out

Being asked to write an article on such a topic is rather like asking a man if he has stopped beating his wife. Cornwall. We have to go back a little. Perhaps as far as the Vikings with whom we were on friendly terms, often fighting on the same side. Jolly Vikings. To the Romans who didn’t quite get here, …

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Paradise Lost – The Artist’s Studio

Entering an abandoned artist’s studio in Southwest Cornwall was about as magical and mysterious as it gets. I have visited many artist’s studios, but nothing can compare to the unique experience I had there. The studio wasn’t eccentric or showy; no crowds hanging around hoping for a glimpse of the artist like it was above Dali’s studio in the 70s …

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Tim Shaw talks to Derek Guthrie

DG: So, when did you come down to Cornwall? TS: I … I moved here September 1985 … DG: Yes TS: I was a first-year undergraduate at Falmouth School of Art DG: So you came down here to be an art student at Falmouth. TS: That’s right, yes DG: … and you hadn’t been at any other place? TS: I …

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