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The Art of Extinction Rebellion

On August 11, 2019, on Porthmeor beach, St Ives, Cornwall, crowds of holidaymakers are doing what holidaymakers have always done on blue and sunny Sundays at the peak of the season. Unannounced and seemingly out of nowhere, lines of bizarre silent figures appear, each swathed from head to foot in flowing red draperies, their faces deathly pale, movements slow and …

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Death of Damien Hirst in Venice

“Money complicates everything. I have a genuine belief that art is a more powerful currency than money – thats the romantic feeling that an artist has. But you start to have this sneaking feeling that money is more powerful.” (Damien Hirst) “Becoming a brand name is an important part of life. Its the world we live in.” (Damien Hirst) In …

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Death Stalks Damien’s Imagination

Damien Hirst, whose epithets as much as his work, sum up the vacuous heart of the modern age, is curating an exhibition on Hoyland who, much in line Hirst’s predilections for his work, is dead. Death stalks the contemporary imagination perhaps because life in the West gives so much. What celebrities like Hirst dislike about being dead is their complete …

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