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The Editors Discuss David Wojnarowicz

Daniel/Derek, I’d like to write about the Whitney’s current David Wojnarowicz exhibition. Here’s the idea. EVERYONE is writing about it with non-objective, cloying praise. No critic has a bad word to say about it. When I went, I was hugely disappointed. Not in the work (which I love and wrote about) but in the show itself. This would be a …

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A Mantle of Scraps: Why Artists Fail

It isn’t easy. Deciding to pursue one’s vocation as an artist within the system involves tacit acceptance of probable economic adversity and elusive professional returns, in a capricious field of unreliable values. Youthful naiveté regarding stability may overcome uncertainty, but the compulsion to make sense of life via artistic mandate is under increasing pressure from practicalities. As the years go …

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Why The Whitney Museum’s Summer of Wojnarowicz is a Winter of Discontent

Perhaps it was inevitable that the Whitney Museum’s David Wojnarowicz retrospective “History Keeps me Awake at Night” would be underwhelming, despite comprising over a hundred and forty pieces. Over ten years of consideration, months of marketing, concurrent exhibitions (at P.P.O.W. and Mamdouha Bobst galleries), and much gilded coverage, have built an epic situation. This all preceded his exaltation into the …

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New York Editor Darren Jones Talks With Jeff Gibbons

Playing Bored Games Darren Jones With Jeff Gibbons DJ: Can you talk about your background, where you grew up, your art experience and how you came to be in Dallas? JG: I grew up in Detroit, and after working as an HVAC technician among other jobs, I left there in myearly twenties, in 2004. I moved to the Florida Keys …

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Volume 32 no 3 Jan/Feb 2018

In this issue: Daniel Nanavati on how to use humour to close down the politically correct debate Dhyano Angius, performance artist and philosopher, has the SPEAKEASY. Chris Cutrone, School of the Art Institute, on why the Millennial Left is dead. Derek Guthrie on why he left Chicago (interview with Paul Germanos) Miklos Legrady on the celebriy chase Jerry Salz. Tim …

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Notes on the Dallas Art Scene

Dallas is a mythical concept. It is America in ways that New York, Chicago or Los Angeles are no longer. It is further from convention, and wrapped within its locality and character in a manner that causes other cities to seem timid in their skins. Dallas embodies its country’s most dynamic hallmarks—economic growth, technological advancement and unceasing civic development—while remaining …

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Galleries Representing Felix Gonzalez-Torres Are Airbrushing HIV/AIDS Out of His Work: It Needs to Stop.

This article was first published by artslant May 2017   There is no artist more synonymous with the poignancy, wistfulness and desolation of art made within the crucible of the HIV/AIDS crisis than Felix Gonzalez-Torres (1957–1996). Within the maelstrom of that government-sponsored holocaust, his experience of it, and its effects on his communities, he created work of such melancholic grandeur …

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Cultural Dictatorship at the New York Times

It is an astonishing peculiarity that in New York there is just one newspaper setting the tone of cultural opinion: The New York Times. There are other publications but they haven’t a fraction of its influence. There is no equal counter-argument to penetrate The Times’ monopoly, lodged so deeply into the city’s DNA. Not the New York Observer, The Wall …

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