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The Market Rules but it’s not Okay

In our high tech and cyberspace age a few old metaphors remain, from the time when work was mostly physical; metaphors still current in my childhood but now rare. You might still put a shoulder to the wheel, a nose to the grindstone, or die in harness. You might also be told there are lots of fish in the sea …

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Film Review: The Square

I went to see Robert Östlund’s film THE SQUARE expecting a satirical gibe at post-modernist art, and wondering what new it could offer. From half-cows in formaldehyde to unmade beds to the tools and carpenter’s horses blocking the stairs in a staid old Swiss museum (Why have the workmen left their things here, I wanted to know, and was told …

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Book Review: ‘Shadows in Paradise’ by Erich Maria Remarque

Erich Maria Remarque is remembered for his huge early success, now a classic, the best novel to come out of the First World War. The German title ‘Im Westen Nichts Neues’ (Nothing New on the Western Front), is more poetic but not the same meaning. Was it ever all quiet on the Western front? Outside of Europe, Remarque did not …

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