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“Yves Klein at the Tate Liverpool”

Upon entering the exhibition space one is immediately struck by the uniqueness of what is being shown. The fabled trademarked IKB (International Klein Blue) is present in abundance. I am told by the attendant that, of the Monochromes 1955 -1961 – rectangular tablets of varying size, support thickness and surface texture, in clear Perspex box frames, Monochrome Green, Untitled [ …

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Youki Hirakawa: ‘Secret Fire’ Anima Mundi, St Ives

Through a mix of video, video installation and still image, this collection that obliquely explores themes of time and transience, inviting the spectator to enter a reflective world. Time slows down, senses sharpen, calm prevails and we are prompted to ponder the passage of time immemorial and mortality itself. Meaning and deference to the spiritual permeate Hirakawa’s work. Beautifully presented …

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There And Back Again at the Penwith Gallery,St.Ives.

Through June the Penwith Gallery is hosting an exhibition of new paintings by Robert Jones, alongside Kerry Harding and Marion Taylors’ show, ‘There and Back Again.’ Robert Jones’s atmospheric and distinctively styled oil paintings of coastal seascapes and motifs (prices range from £420 – £4200.) benefit from having their own separate space – The Studio Gallery. There is a problem …

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