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“Politics, Rhetoric, Pop”

For many of those engaged in Chicago’s art community, the work of the Imagists or the Hairy Who collective is a prominent milestone in the city’s artistic legacy. For others, this work plays second fiddle to the art historical moment happening in New York around the same time. Some arguments have been made that collectors of Hairy Who continue to promote the work in an effort to at least bolster its market …

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Hans Ulrich Obrist in Conversation with the Hairy Who

In 2014 Art Review named Hans Ulrich Obrist the most powerful figure in the field, but Obrist, a forty-six-year-old Swiss, seems less to stand atop the art world than to race around, up, over, and through it.” During EXPO Chicago, Obrist was “in conversation with the Hairy Who” who were anticipating the fifty-year anniversary of their first exhibition at the …

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