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Pulitzer comedian at the Hirshhorn

The Hirshhorn hosted an interview between Jerry Saltz, critic at New York magazine and Charlotte Burns editor at In Other Words on the evening of 29th November 2018. It was the second talk I had attended since arriving in DC on 26th September, the first being given by Raphael Lozano-Hemmer. Both were self-indulgent hogwash. Saltz is a stand up comedian. …

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Vanishing into infinity

Yayoi Kusama at the Hirshhorn. Standing alone, surrounded by a cosmos of points of light, or rows of glistening, golden pumpkins, my loneliness is alleviated by the unaccountable vastness and brilliance of these shimmering forms. But there is a dark side to this brilliance; the artist’s suffering and experience played out on this field. Yoyoi Kusama, a very private artist, …

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Surveillance, Community, The Future of Art

Nancy Schreiber considers Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Pulse Spiral, 2008, Montreal Immediately inside the L’Musee d’ art Contemporain in Montreal was a dazzling display of light, blinking on and off to an irregular rhythm. This inverted, seemingly never-ending Christmas tree of light drew me in to absorb the multitudinous crystalline structure; the tiny lights expanding to the greater. The Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum …

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