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Volume 32 no.2 November/December 2017

In This Issue: SPEAKEASY by BERT BISCOE, talks about the relationship between critics and artists. DANIEL NANAVATI, the UK Editor, takes a look at Dwight MacDonald’s seminal essay from 1962, in Against the American Grain, on Masscult and Midcult. J’Accuse Falmouth University We reprint TIM SHAW’S explosive letter of November 2016. The Shocking truth FREA LOCKLEY, our new Cornwall editor and …

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‘Wheres the glitch fam?’

As circumstance breeds response so computers and the Internet bred glitch or as Jon.Cates of SAIC would call it ‘Dirty New Media’. In an increasingly computerized and data-centric society it would seem inevitable that the fetishization of error as a response to technology and its colonization of both our public and private lives is the new art.   If the …

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