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The Degeneration of the Avant-Garde into Fashion

The Times – God bless its little cotton socks – has just been celebrating the triumphal return of the 1990s as a creative force. “Suddenly contemporary art” it crows, “was part of popular culture. The Royal Academy’s landmark Sensation show in 1997 was a turning point.” It was so indeed, but not exactly in the terms the article intends. Here …

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Hype Is Not Enough

A year ago (2014) some public art, ‘Dad’s Halo Effect’ by Ryan Gander, was bolted to the pavement in Beswick, a mile east of Manchester centre in an area formerly the blackest in the city but now home to a football stadium, a cleaned up canal and some ad hoc metal warehousing. ‘Regeneration’ is the long word repeated about these …

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