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Reviewing the Reviewer

A Review of Peter Schjeldahl Hot, Cold, Heavy, Light, 100 Art Writings 1988-2018 by Victoria Howard in Cornwall Jarrett Earnest has compiled 100 of the art writings of Peter Schjeldahl, the art critic on The New Yorker. I imagine Earnest and Schjeldahl chose together which pieces would go in the final version. Earnest’s other contribution adds little to the book. …

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Elkins on Art Criticism

How do we judge art and what is the role of the art critic? This article compares James Elkins’ (2003) views on art criticism, with those of others and my own. I am an amateur collector and a psychologist. James Elkins (2003) claims that art criticism is produced and ignored in equal measure. It is not rooted in any academic …

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