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Too Important to Ignore

This show redresses the still lacking female voices of post-Ab Ex abstraction. Mary Corse (b. 1945) has had serious recognition for her Minimalist work, which sometimes incorporates neon and fluorescent light, However, she has generally been overshadowed by her many West Coast male peers similarly occupied from the mid-1960s, who soaked up most of the attention in this burgeoning sphere. …

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Power at the MOMA

This sprawling Adrian Piper retrospective offers an eye-catching challenge to visitors through its sometimes demure, sometimes hectoring, text-and-photo and performance art. Sticking with it pays off with a reflective, ethical and political pow. Piper was born in New York in 1948 and went with the counter-cultural flow of figurative psychedelia, changed to a somewhat purist Minimalism and Conceptualism before turning …

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Life at the Met

While an ambitious attempt to elide culturally and chronologically diverse, popular, scientific, and artistic sculptures of the human body, The Met’s “Like Life” overreaches. The show is ironically shapeless, despite sub-thematic organizational scheme. In addition, the several carved and polychromed Renaissance martyrs and slightly creepy Victorian material (such as effigies of organic matter and death masks), while relevant, are overstated …

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