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Parade Excerpts at Corbett vs. Dempsey

Review of Cauleen Smith (October 21–December 3, 2016)   “CONDUCT YOUR BLOOMING.” Large fabric letters in a quilter’s assortment of blues and pinks are stitched by hand onto a black, sequined banner. At twelve and a half feet long and bisecting a corner of the room, Cauleen Smith’s banner takes over the “East Wing” of Corbett vs. Dempsey. The tight space also functions as a …

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Mika Horibuchi and Brittany Nelson at PATRON

Mika Horibuchi, “Draw the Curtain” and Brittany Nelson, “Controller,” An exhibition at PATRON Gallery that ran from June 25–August 13, 2016. The exhibitions of Mika Horibuchi and Brittany Nelson, on view this summer at PATRON Gallery, highlighted a noir quality of both artists’ work. Horibuchi, in particular, is exploring ambiguity as a genre. Her work occupies the gallery’s front space with an installation of pseudo- trompe l’oeil paintings, …

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Black Faces Matter: to Kerry James Marshall’s Art History

There can be no shying away from the lofty aspirations of Mastry, Kerry James Marshall’s aptly-titled retrospective now on view at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, through September 25. It then travels to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. To say that the show is epic merely describes the scale …

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The New Contemporary

Sanctuary for the Edlis/Neeson Collection, The Art Institute of Chicago   While record crowds make themselves at home in the Art Institute of Chicago’s exhibition of Van Gogh’s Bedrooms—examining three versions of this iconic painting—other visitors looking for a more recent avant-garde may be drawn to the museum’s reopened contemporary galleries, now billed as The New Contemporary. The title refers to …

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