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Destabilizing Marcel Duchamp

The hero as a cautionary tale. Duchamp is not the man we know, that persona is a cultural construct. Duchamp’s ideas could not be based on a deep philosophical understanding of art because the science was missing in his time, a science asserting today a biological necessity to the sensual art he rejected. Surprisingly enough, it looks like Duchamp proved …

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The Curious Case of Marcel Duchamp

A two part series. Marcel Duchamp was made in the U.S.A., the urinal called The Fountain and signed R.Mutt wasn’t his, and Duchamp always said Found Objects cannot be art. Part 1 – Without Prejudice   This article differs from previous Duchamp studies in having no commitment to the belief that he made great art. That paradigm shift remaps his …

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You’ll Know It When You See It

The title of this comment “defines” art well enough, especially when the folly of trying to define it formally raises its perplexing head. When Marcel Duchamp is given credit, as he so often is, for making the definition of art an important issue, I roll my eyes. How is it we recognize the animal images adorning the walls of Lascaux …

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