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Reale Light, Milan

From July 29th to September 29th, the Palazzo Reale has been hosting the “Light Project” exhibition, which is the very first retrospective dedicated to Nanda Vigo, a multifaceted artist and architect from Milan, who was involved in multiple projects ranging from design to architecture and art. She has exhibited her work across the world, from New York, Berlin and Shanghai …

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Volume 33 no 4 March-April 2019

In this issue: Zero-Sum Culture: Jorge M Benitez The disease of Grade Inflation: Stephen Luecking Exhibit Heightens Gaugin Myth: Jane Addams Allen Ayn Rand – A Defence for the Indefensible: Frances Oliver Museum politics in Toronto:  Rae Johnson Frank Gehry at 90: Lili Lihting Your  letters. Editorial by Derek Guthrie Scouting the blogs with Miklos Legrady Recommended reading Bentonville: Daniel …

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The Man Who Lived Twice, an Appreciation of William Congdon

An exponent of figurative abstractionism, the American painter William G. Congdon, in the 1940s, was as famous as a Rothko, Pollock or Rauschenberg. A tormented and very sensitive soul, he lived two conversions that produced a dichotomy between the “before” and the “after” in his artistic production. If at the beginning his work was still amateur, after the Second World …

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A Home for Artists – The Foundations in Venice

Nobel Prize winner Iosif Brodsky of Venice , “This city improves the appearance of time, embellishes the future and reveals in its palaces the most beautiful design that time has left on earth” (Watermark or Fondamenta degli incurabili in Italian). But, if the beauty of its buildings is in some ways unsustainable for the Venetians, modern architects are responsible for …

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