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A Resounding Beast at the Prado

When I entered the Prado Museum to see the contemporary Giacometti exhibition, I felt echoes of the exhibition in Paris, the Autumn Salle 1905, that launched the Fauvist movement, nicknamed by art critic Louis Vauxcelles as “Donatello among the beasts”- referring to those new bold paintings full of challenging colours placed near a classical Renaissance sculpture of Donatello. “The beasts …

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“Heaven and hell” a review on El Bosco exhibition for the V Centenary in Museo del Prado, Madrid

After being extended for two weeks more, due to people’s demand you are still on time not to miss the exhibition commemorating the fifth anniversary of the death of Hieronymus Bosch (born Van Aken), colloquially called in Spain “El Bosco”. It only takes sixteen euros and two hours waiting on a queue to be transported to heaven, hell and all …

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