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New York feels empty now

It’s 1995. I’m with my brother in Soho; I live five minutes away on Stanton St; he’s visiting from California. We’re walking past Broome Street warehouses washed by winter sun, that cold yellow light on white painted brick. We visit one gallery after another.  George says it feels like post-apocalyptic times. Money’s gone, the markets crashed, art world’s dead and …

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Why Art Criticism Matters and Why of it Doesn’t

Judgment We mustn’t judge. This is what we are taught. But the directive is a misplaced affectation based on a few hundred years of superficial civilizing. It is our primeval nature to judge, as all animals must. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t survive long; we’d make decisions that would sooner rather than later, cause us to fail catastrophically. Calamities happen …

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A bedeviling aspect of art criticism is the hegemony of New York based publications, and a jealous inward focus, to the detriment of sustained, democratized, national discourse. The prospects for an exhibition being reviewed decline the further it is from New York, and perhaps Los Angeles. This builds a skewed mass of writing—which becomes art history—conveying the inaccurate impression that …

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New Growth Needed from the Decay

The market driven art establishment and its complicit media are a catastrophe for the arts. That annoying hum you hear in the background, is being provided by the arts for the powers that be, and it is not just a hum. I have come to realize that the equivalent of the current state of the art world is, to state …

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