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Too Invisible a Narrative

Downstairs Chesney has a 3 screen video making a loud roaring sea sound. On the left a lighthouse, in the centre an arrow shape, on the right a buoy with flashing light, seen at various times of day and night. It makes an impression, the dangers at sea, the immense power of the sea is evoked. Upstairs she has acres …

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The Newlyn Society Demands Thought

The preview was full of artists who knew one another, and had a lively buzz which erupted after an introductory talk. Dr. Ryya Bread curated the show. Each work had the writing that inspired it also on the wall, not always exhibited at a good height for reading. Some of the writings were poems. It was a constant challenge to …

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Rose Wylie at 83 is having success as an artist. She is just as I would have imagined, a terribly middle class bohemian, messy, speaking in that perilously well educated quiet way. I find the work unpleasant, derivative of films without saying anything, clumsily faux naive and it’s been taken up with ridiculous enthusiasm. It has a certain vitality but …

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Gaining Recognition: The Dream Denied and now Defined

Argument: The corruption that infects the art world is not one of the heart, but one of control. The liberal condition has become one that hides decision making and takes constructive criticism as an attack. The malaise in the community arises from accepting that, because there are more choices and more artists, the culture is necessarily healthy, inclusive, diverse and …

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Answering the Wrong Questions

“What Is This Place?” At the Newlyn Art Gallery – 22 April – 15th July An exhibition of paintings by eight artists Whenever I walk into the Newlyn Gallery I am reminded of my first, and the gallery’s first, performance art piece, entitled Doubtless in 1994 put together by myself, Alaric Sumner, Rory McDermott, David Kemp, Rod Walker, Sandra Blow and …

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