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Volume 36 no 1 September / October 2021

Features: Cancelling art: from populists to progressives – Jela Krečič We cannot escape the aesthetics of what we create – Daniel Nanavati Robyn Day Interview with Scott Turri NFTs and conceptualism – Catheryne Kelly Did Duchamp pave the way for Donald Trump? – Miklos Legrady The Moorhouse Fish – Martha Benedict Departments: Editorial Daniel Nanavati, Cornwall, UK Speakeasy Modernism, Formalistic …

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The Disease of Grade Inflation

It is no secret that American higher education has been driven lower and lower over the past 50 years. The most obvious symptom of this decline is grade inflation to the point that the grade of A has become a placeholder, a participation trophy where excellence is no longer a factor. In the meantime course content has deflated to half …

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A Mantle of Scraps: Why Artists Fail

It isn’t easy. Deciding to pursue one’s vocation as an artist within the system involves tacit acceptance of probable economic adversity and elusive professional returns, in a capricious field of unreliable values. The compulsion to make sense of life via artistic investigation is a bright new adventure in one’s twenties, but it comes under increasing pressure from practicalities as the …

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