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Picasso Ibero

Gill Fickling I’ve never really liked Picasso. Call me a philistine, call me art-ignorant, but I’ve always found his work cold, detached and cruel. Except for Guernica of course, which reduced me to tears. My antagonism was reinforced on reading the book Life with Picasso by Francoise Gilot, his lover and mother of two of his children. He did NOT …

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Inge Morath: Photographer

by Graziella Colombo A hundred and fifty shots by Inge Morath, all in rigorous black and white, are exhibited at the Diocesan Museum in Milan and will remain there until November 1, 2020. It’s a vast retrospective, enriched with original documents, dedicated to the first woman photographer admitted to the Magnum Agency. She joined Magnum as an editor, becoming a …

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The Genius of Pablo Picasso

Jane Allen and Derek Guthrie Chicago Tribune 15th April 1973, written overnight on the news of Picasso’s death. In Picasso the 20th century has lost one of its most cherished symbols of freedom. He proved the exception to every rule, and we thought until a short week ago that he might even elude the law of human mortality. Secluded behind …

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