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Trouble in Painter’s Paradise

Few 20th-century painters carved a niche for their craft like Paul Gauguin. His portraiture is some of the most recognisable work in modern art. From 7th October 2019 to 26th January 2020, the National Gallery in London has on display a large representation of Gauguin’s short career as a painter featuring a collection of portraiture and sculpture. For an artist …

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Exhibit Heightens Gauguin Myth

SUMMARY: An exhibit at the National Gallery of Art was intended to dispel Paul Gauguin’s South Seas image but will probably romanticize it even more. The most complete Gauguin show in more than eight decades, ‘The Art of Paul Gauguin” is astonishing in its beauty and variety, embodying the power of desire and spiritual significance.   The Art of Paul …

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