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Minimalist Respite in Pittsburgh

In this, her third solo show, entitled You Will Arrive, at 707 Gallery, April 28 – June 17, Pittsburgh based artist Kara Skylling’s focus is on crafting intimately scaled, minimalist works on paper utilizing grid-like pencil designs and compartmentalized muted color. It is apparent that Skylling’s carefully conceived, rigidly controlled, underlying designs rely on a systematic approach to create frameworks …

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Hadi Tabatabai:Transitional Spaces

The solo exhibition Hadi Tabatabai:Transitional Spaces is co-presented by the wats:ON? Festival and curated by Spike Wolff. The festival, an annual event, celebrates and honors the life and work of Jill Watson, a CMU alumna. Watson, who was killed in a plane crash in 1996, was a well-known Pittsburgh architect and was recognized for her interdisciplinary philosophy as an artist. …

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Today’s Robots are Tomorrow’s Artists

In an attempt to bridge the gap, breakdown barriers and perhaps change culturally ingrained perceptions created by literature and the film industry about how humans and robots interact, artists Mathias Gommel, Marinta Haitz, and Jan Zapper of robotlab, have set up a sophisticated play date between humans and robots, in order to ease the transition into this inevitable partnering. Their …

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