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Volume 33 no 4 March-April 2019

In this issue: Zero-Sum Culture: Jorge M Benitez The disease of Grade Inflation: Stephen Luecking Exhibit Heightens Gaugin Myth: Jane Addams Allen Ayn Rand – A Defence for the Indefensible: Frances Oliver Museum politics in Toronto:  Rae Johnson Frank Gehry at 90: Lili Lihting Your  letters. Editorial by Derek Guthrie Scouting the blogs with Miklos Legrady Recommended reading Bentonville: Daniel …

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Museum Politics in Toronto

The definition of Anthropocene from the Merriam-Webster dictionary reads: “the period of time during which human activities have had an environmental impact on the Earth regarded as constituting a distinct geological age. Most scientists agree that humans have had a hand in warming Earth’s climate since the industrial revolution—some even argue that we are living in a new geological epoch, …

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Rae Johnson in Toronto, Painting in Canada

Have you ever seen a huge-mongous drawing? Rae Johnson’s paintings, average 48”, appear as pencil drawings writ large. Walk up to one; it introduces itself and shakes your hand as a painting, but it’s a painting that looks like a huge pencil work, or a watercolor. In an era where artists put their shoes on the table and call it …

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