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Volume 33 no 2 November / December 2018

Features: 6 Bearing witness, not weapons Jill Gibbon interviewed by Daniel Nanavati 11 glenstone penitentiary Nancy Schreiber 15 van gogh in arles Jane Addams Allen, 1986, the marketing of the Metropolitan 20. All consuming beauty Rosanna Hildyard on John Berger and Naomi Wolf 27 white supremacy, benevolent institutions and shinola Rebekah Modrak 35. Dressing for that final journey Pendery Weekes, …

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Entrepreneurship 407: White Supremacy, Benevolent Institutions, and Shinola

There was great clarity in the post-Civil War Confederate monument. Solid materials erected in a city’s central square to carry an unambiguous message: honor white supremacy and intimidate African Americans. While we celebrate the removal of these granite and bronze statues from plazas around the country, it’s worth considering whether their messages find new, unsettling, and implicit forms in places …

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