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Aaron Broadhurst – Art at Redwing Gallery, Penzance – November 2019

These paintings are boldly outlined pop-art style images, easily recognisable with flat contrasting colours. They are unusual at the moment, especially in Penzance – not evoking the atmospheric landscape, not gestural or abstract, not lusciously painterly. There’s a portrait of his wife Nicole, very like her despite its simplifications – arresting in its impact. There’s a tin of mackerel on …

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Drawn to Life

Drawn to Life An Exhibition of a Life Drawing Class – Redwing Gallery, Penzance 29 May – 12 June, 2019 It’s no secret that behind every successful artist there are hours of hidden practice and bins full of frustrations that never see the light of day. I reluctantly climbed the stairs to the Drawn to Life Exhibition at the Redwing …

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Wildness at Play

Hannah Light’s paintings are bold in subject and style and do not shy away from the issues that have preoccupied the painter for the last forty years. They are often filled with animals, sometimes with human features. This is a world where a man in evening dress embraces a goldfish, where an immense crow-woman totters, hunched over, staring at the …

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Broken: Donna Festa at Redwing

When I first saw Donna Festa’s advertisement in the New Art Examiner it attracted me. little did I think I would see the actual work. I did so in Redwing, a community gallery in Penzance, Cornwall. 20 very small, almost miniatures, lined up on one wall driving the point home of displayed title of one word ‘Broken’. Each tiny painting …

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An Outsider’s Precision

Jon Knott, a connoisseur of stones, creates his own mystique, as he’s homeless and lives in a tent in an undisclosed area in the Cornish countryside. This calm, gentle-spoken man has a unique view of the world from his living quarters, which is reflected in his artwork. Rain or shine, though it is very often rain in Cornwall, he meticulously …

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