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The Curious Case of Marcel Duchamp

A two part series. Marcel Duchamp was made in the U.S.A., the urinal called The Fountain and signed R.Mutt wasn’t his, and Duchamp always said Found Objects cannot be art. Part 1 – Without Prejudice   This article differs from previous Duchamp studies in having no commitment to the belief that he made great art. That paradigm shift remaps his …

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An Incomplete Project? Art and Politics in the new Millennium

What was postmodernism? – Habermas’s critique Postmodernism challenged the institutionalized modernism of the mid-20th century, offering more radical forms of social discontents and cultural practice. It meant unmasking the values of progress as involving ideologies of the political status-quo, the problems of which were manifest to a new generation in the 1960s. But, more recently, postmodernism itself has begun to …

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