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Volume 33 no 2 November / December 2018

Features: 6 Bearing witness, not weapons Jill Gibbon interviewed by Daniel Nanavati 11 glenstone penitentiary Nancy Schreiber 15 van gogh in arles Jane Addams Allen, 1986, the marketing of the Metropolitan 20. All consuming beauty Rosanna Hildyard on John Berger and Naomi Wolf 27 white supremacy, benevolent institutions and shinola Rebekah Modrak 35. Dressing for that final journey Pendery Weekes, …

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Black is flat at Roots and Culture

Gonzalo Reyes Rodriguez and Darryl DeAngelo Terrell’s two person show, currently open at Roots and Culture brings together the work of two very different artists. Terrell’s text pieces act as a striking foil to Rodriguez’s photographic works which explore the legacy of documentary photography drawn from the legacy of the Sandanista National Liberation Front and declassified School of the America’s …

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Huong Ngo, Reap the Whirlwind at Aspect Ratio (West town)

How are representations of the female body visualized and introduced to the western gaze in colonized southeast Asia? How do these representations sustain the programmes of colonization? How do these representations grant or deny subjectivity to subject of the gaze? And perhaps most importantly, how do we reconsider these women as subjects seeking political agency rather than remain as flattened …

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Manuel Mathieu, Nobody is Watching,

Haitian Artist Manuel Mathieu, (b. 1986) was raised in an environment infused with both danger and beauty. During the nearly two decades that he stayed in Haiti, he witnessed constant political upheaval in addition to rampant disease, and ongoing natural disasters, while imbibing the rich history of art and independence that is integral to the culture of Haiti. In an …

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Howard Finster at Carl Hammer Gallery

The first of the texts to grab my attention at Outsider Artist Howard Finster’s current show on display at Carl Hammer Gallery is a white clad angel enveloped in images of flying women in multi-colored dresses titled, “Heaven is for all people.”, completed in 1983. “Heaven is for All People, Jesus makes it plain how to get there. If you …

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The Problematics of Black Representation Interviewer: Do you consider yourself a painter or a black painter? Basquiat: Oh I use lots of colors not just black. I’m not a betting man, but I’ll wager $10 that 15 years ago the average MFA student would have been hard pressed to name 10 African-American artists contemporary or otherwise. Today, the task is …

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