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Why I Write for the New Art Examiner

Stephen Lee My title, and therefore in effect my brief was proposed by the editors of NAE. My response is to paraphrase George Orwell’s essay on this subject, ‘Why I Write’ (1947). It involves autobiographical accounts followed by a politics of writing – a useful model and a place to begin. Orwell cites four motivations for a writer: sheer egoism …

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The Framing of Black Identity

Martin Puryear Parasol Unit, London.18th September – 6th December 2017 Intricate discussions about methods of woodworking and formal decisions about sculpture characterised Martin Puryear’s lectures in the early 1980’s in Chicago. He didn’t at that time overtly ’play the race card’ but you could see plain as day he was a Black man talking about art in a divided city. …

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