Socially Distanced to All

Susana Gómez Laín For me, the magazine is my actual link to the art world. I am not inspired to do any artistic work and it is difficult and dangerous to gather with other people to do so. So, through the reading of the magazine and the reviews I send, somehow I keep in touch until normality comes back and …

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A Resounding Beast at the Prado

When I entered the Prado Museum to see the contemporary Giacometti exhibition, I felt echoes of the exhibition in Paris, the Autumn Salle 1905, that launched the Fauvist movement, nicknamed by art critic Louis Vauxcelles as “Donatello among the beasts”- referring to those new bold paintings full of challenging colours placed near a classical Renaissance sculpture of Donatello. “The beasts …

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Volume 33 no 6 July / August 2019

Ken Turner on New Ways Of Seeing, evaluating John Berger Daniel Nanavati on the 58th Venice Biennale Norbert Marszalek interviews Derek Guthrie Hybrid Sculpture, Disciplined Form by Jane Addams Allen Hockney in Washington – Annie Markovich and Derek Guthrie Cuban art today – Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa Dodin in Venice – Victoria Howard Sokurov and Rembrandt in Venice – Lily …

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