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Volume 34 no 3 January – February 2020

Articles: The Art of Extinction Rebellion: Josephine Gardiner from the UK Rebellion in Hong Kong Art: Leung Suk Ching I Left my Heart in Leipzig: Viktor Witkowski, USA If it Works, don’t Fix it: Frances OIiver, UK Fervid Art from the Edge: Jane Addams Allen, New York Scouting the Blogs: Miklos Legrady, Toronto Brzezanska ‘s Stories from Earth: Katie Zazenski, …

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Wear your manifesto with pride

Gee whiz. There’s one manifesto that I’m a huge admirer of: Roxy Music’s album from 1979. An unenthused Greil Marcus found okay “moments” that are better than many records, but still found they “…add up to little” (he always liked Eno better.) I think it’s funky, sleek, listenable power pop. It has narrative peaks and valleys. Lovely formal dynamics, sonic …

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