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Letters Volume 32 no.2 November/December 2017

The Attack on Derek Guthrie Dear Daniel, Who is Joe? When I taught logic I recommended students master the informal fallacies because they are likely to persuade more people than sound reasoning. Cynical, I suppose, but also the way things are. Honest argument is not very popular. Joe says you and Derek are “rusty” and “not connected”. These are two …

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Editorial Volume 32 no.2 November/December 2017

The shared symbolic order that defined much of art throughout human history had a lot to do ( some may say everything ) with theology. From Astarte the many breasted fertility goddess of clay, to the Parthenon through to the Sistine Chapel, endless icons and intricate designs in places of worship were the desires of patrons and states and the …

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Volume 32 no 2 November – December 2017

We revisit Dwight MacDonald’s 1962 essay, Masscult and Midcult and uncover how correct his descriptions are for the contemporary scene. Part 2 of Miklos Legrady’s essay the essential Duchamp Frea Lockley writes about the crisis at Falmouth University. (First published in The Canary.) An examination of the international architectural biennial in Paris in 1937, that so enshrines the political crisis …

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