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Volume 32 no 5 May / June 2018

The cultural context and significance of ‘Black Panther Theology in art Life in the Margins, meeting Anna Zissermann An Appreciation of Franz Marc Washington DC news Anne Truitt: an act of resistance A home for artists in Venice Master of the Line, Toulouse Lautrec by Jane Addams Allen The shop window renaissance in Italy Reviews from:  Milan, Washington, Chicago and Cornwall Book …

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Cézanne and the End of Art

Ordinarily one does not finish a book because it is good. Usually, one tires with the monotony of its language and casts it mightily aside. This is not the case with Donald Kuspit’s The End of Art. I am taking a break from it because it is too good, it scares me. The book is brilliant and intense and to …

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The Shop Window Renaissance

How is it that the Italian shop windows are amongst the most beautiful in the world? A less important aspect of the shopping experience in some countries, in Italy window design is an essential element of the merchandising package, just like the wrappings of a present or the bag that is used to carry away purchases, even for small shops. …

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Anne Truitt – An Act of Resistance

The mid 1960s saw an array of overlapping art styles vying for dominance, from Warhol’s Pop icons to Lewitt’s Conceptual work and Judd’s cool Minimalism. Exhibitions attempting to define these movements were often organized by their canonical male figures and even institutional surveys that aimed at enshrining the avant-garde rarely included women. With few exceptions, women were not recognized as …

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Master of the Line

SUMMARY: A new exhibition of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec’s works at New York’s Museum of Modern Art makes it clear that for Lautrec, the color lithograph, not the painting, was the ultimate work of art. The “how” of the artist’s intense printmaking method is explained by a series of exhibits showing his step-by-step process from rapid sketch to completed print. The …

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Life in the Margins

It’s time that the extraordinary life and work of Anya Berger was acknowledged First published 27 February on http://frieze.com   Anna Zissermann was born in Manchuria in 1923. In different countries, under different names, she shaped the horizons of the English-speaking left on issues of race, gender and class, and it’s time this was recognized. Anna – affectionately called Anya …

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