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Volume 31 no 6 July / August 2017

July / August 2017
Volume 31 no 6

Death of Damien Hirst in Venice – by Daniel Nanavati

A New and Better Curriculum for Art Students – by Jorge Miguel Benitez

Understanding Modernism, Part 1 –  by Charles Thomson

A Very Modern Manifesto Goya 1792 – by Susanna Gómez Lain, Madrid editor

Thoughts on a Personal Manifesto – by Tom Nakashima

An Incomplete Project, art and politics – by Chris Cutrone

John Link on understanding Clement Greenberg’s critique of Marcel Duchamp

Scott Turri in Pittsburg on Michael Williams

Al Jirikowic in DC on Paula Ballo Dailey

Jane Sands in Cornwall on Neil Pinkett

Susie Corrie in Oxford on Japanese Interior Design

and much more …

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