Writing Course

Write About Your Visual Experience And be Published

Writing critically about Art is not an arcane science – it is a self-aware sharing of the visual experience. An act of honesty rare in the contemporary, jargon ridden world of art magazines towing the line dictated to by curators and collectors.

We will work on-on-one to teach you over six months to write excellent 250 word short reviews. A perfect foundation for writing longer reviews and articles.


We expect you to pitch ideas to us and defend your initial choice. Gaining the skills that will make readers want to read you:

How to make someone who will never see the show think they have missed something worth seeing, or not missed anything at all. We don’t only teach how to give a favourable review, but also how to write unfavourably but fairly.

Shaping your reviews: pulling out the strands of thinking, discussing your points from other angles, making your work stronger by evaluating the contemporary trends in critical thinking about art.

Skype in every session in person with your editors:
Derek Guthrie, artist and publisher, co-founder the New Art Examiner
Daniel Nanavati, European editor

The New Art Examiner started in 1973 and became the mostly widely read magazine of art criticism published outside of New York. Many writers started with the New Art Examiner, deputy editor, Janet Koplos, Art critic Eleanor Heartney, New York Times art correspondent Jerry Saltz and others.

Four months (one semester) up to one hour every week. one-on-one
Starting with a 250 word review and continue at your pace.
£210 with certification from us that the course has been completed. if you are published by us your work will be on our website one month after publication in the New Art Examiner.

Reading: Jane Addams Allen collected reviews (provided as ebook)

To contact us, click here. Terms and conditions can be found here.

You may cancel after the first session if you feel the course is not for you. You will receive a full refund.