Volume 31 no. 4


“Blood-drenched Brushes and Golden Easels”, JORGE MIGUEL BENITEZ’S second essay of his trilogy: The Avant-Garde and the Delusion of American Exceptionalism

Op Ed:- BRUCE THORN: Art in Our Time and Political Milieu

Dr.STEPHEN FELMINHAM: Art is Our Weapon (Speakeasy)

Energy in Motion, STEPHEN EISENMAN reviews “Abstract Expressionism” at London’s Royal Academy of Art

Has the Arts Council Betrayed Its Origins? DAVID LEE examines Nicholas Serota’s new leadership of the Arts Council and the history of this body and its current policies against its founding principles

“There was a whole collection made: Photography from Lester and Betty Guttman” by JENNIFER MURRAY
“Kemang Wa Lehulere: In All My Wildest Dreams” by EVAN CARTER
“Unreal Realms” Five Outsider Artists at Intuit Gallery by EVAN CARTER

“Yves Klein at the Tate Liverpool” by GUY BARKLEY-SMITH
Book Reviews
“The Arts Club of Chicago at 100: Arts and Culture 1916–2016” by EVANGELINE REID
“Before Pictures” Douglas Crimp’s autobiographical tale by TOM MULLANEY


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